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Lubricants, Cutting Oil
When ordering your new mill or lathe please consider adding all important lubricants. We recommend slideway oil for lathes and mills. This especially formulated lubricant has been specifically designed to adhere to bedways, even vee slideways and dovetails.

For machines with gearboxes, headstock, thread cutting and apron it is wise to hold a small stock of headstock lubricant. We can include with the machine delivery, which will an avoid extra carriage charge.

During these winter months anticorrosion protection is wise. Unprotected surfaces such as chucks, exposed columns, milling table, lathe cross slides are all prone to rust. Temperature changes quickly cause condensation which will result in rust overnight. Our anti corrosion protection when applied to unprotected surfaces will eliminate rust problems. Again we can include a carton with the machine delivery to avoid small order carriage charges.

It is worth considering that the slideway lubricant and corrosion protection containers will last you for several years, depending on the size of your lathe or mill. A worthwhile investment for the care of your machine.